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2014 West Virginia Walk
for Children with Apraxia

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Walk Location:
City Park
Parkersburg, WV

From the Walk Coordinator:
"Our daughter, Brooklyn, was diagnosed at the age of 3. We knew something was off when around 6 months she was not meeting her typical milestones for children that age. She crawled late, was delayed in learning to eat baby food, would not use a sippy cup, and didn’t really babble. At 18 months we were referred to our local Birth to 3 for speech and motor delays. We started working with physical, occupational, and developmental therapists. After a few short months a speech therapist came aboard our team. Just shy of her 2nd birthday after multiple throat and sinus infections, she had her tonsils and adenoids removed. We got our hopes up thinking that she was going to feel better with the infection gone and she was going to find her voice. Unfortunately there was no such luck.

We pressed on with more aggressive therapy and different specialists searching for answers. Why could she not find her voice? What did we do wrong? What can we do to make it better? We later found out she was allergic to her antihistamines which once we stopped them noticed her muscle tone pick up. She became more verbal than she had ever been. She began to play more, explore more, and try to verbalize.

We noticed her voice, finally! As luck would have it our journey wasn’t over. Brooklyn sometime said a word one day and then didn’t or couldn’t the next day. Her words were few and far between. We were very happy to start hearing a few words but were still very concerned that she often lost them. That is when her neurologist confirmed the diagnosis of Childhood Apraxia of Speech. After crying and asking many questions a new attitude emerged. “We are going to overcome this!”

So, how do we raise awareness? How do we help others avoid getting an incorrect diagnosis? As we have learned, therapy and early intervention is the key to helping your child find his or her voice. Brooklyn, her father, and I work together to help our daughter find her voice. Brooklyn has taught us more then we could ever teach her and we thank God daily that He chose us to be her parents. She brightens our lives so much with her amazing laughter and her smile that can light up any room.

We look forward to working with CASANA and, the community to help raise awareness about apraxia.

Love Brooklyn, Crystal, & Jody

The walk is being held to benefit the Childhood Apraxia of Speech Association of North America (CASANA). All proceeds will benefit apraxia research and programs."

Important Update: Online registration is officially closed as of Friday October 3rd at 7:45 AM EST. On site registration will be available on the Walk day starting at 7:15AM. Please note registration for adults will be $25, and $12 for children.

IMPORTANT - Did you register a child with apraxia of speech? If so, please e-mail the following: child's first and last name, child's age, and your Walk name to Justin LeWinter at by September 24, 2014. We have a special gift to present to each child on the day of the Walk and want to make sure we have enough! Thanks!

For more information contact Walk Coordinator:
Crystal Wallace
phone: 304-480-9838


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