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Time To Sing!
Name: Time To Sing!
Description:Special Music CD for Kids with apraxia and other speech or language difficulties 
Product Detail:A young child’s world is filled with song, from the first lullaby, to “Happy Birthday”.
But for our children, struggling to speak, singing along with their friends can seem hopeless – they can’t keep up. If only the words were slower, they could sing along, too. Time To Sing! is the answer!

The songs on this recording have all been newly arranged. The words are much slower
than the originals, but the music is fun, exciting, playful, and beautiful. This music recording is perfect for children with apraxia and other speech or language disorders, children learning English as a second language, and children with other delays.

We hope your children enjoy them, now that they have time …to sing!

Robert Moir,
Vice President of Artistic Planning, Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra
Dr. Mary Sturm,
UPMC St. Margaret’s Hospital

(Time To Sing! is a trademark and copyright of The Childhood Apraxia of Speech Association of North America)
Features:The speed of each song was set by the eminent speech-language pathologist, David Hammer, who also edited some of the lyrics to eliminate difficult sound combinations and enable all children to sing along.

The songs were all brilliantly arranged by composer Michael Moricz, Music Director of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, and are fun and rewarding for kids and their parents, too!

Songs Include: Wheels on the Bus - Aiken Drum - I Love You - Old McDonald - Mister Sun - Head and Tummy - You Are Special - Eentsy Weentsy Spider - Hokey Pokey - The Alphabet Song - I'm A Little Teapot - Bingo - And more!
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