2021 Nebraska Walk for Apraxia

Team Nora

Like many parents, Jess and I had never heard of Apraxia before Nora. We were left trying to research what is was, a motor planning disorder, and what it meant for Nora. Apraxia Kids was one of the first organizations we found to help us navigate and advocate for Nora.  

Nora began speech therapy in June of 2020.   Through the help of her amazing Speech Pathologist, transportation from grandparents to weekly appointments, support from her family and a lot of hard work on her part she has made tremendous progress. However, Apraxia is not something children outgrow, so this will continue to be part of her journey.

Throughout our journey to educate ourselves on Apraxia, Jess stumbled across a blog a mother wrote about the challenges and joys of Apraxia, which was really reflective of the emotions we had been feeling.  It is difficult to see your child struggle especially with something that comes naturally to others, or when you hear others make insensitive comments about the way she talks.  As parents, especially mothers, we are often our toughest critics often comparing our children to others and having unrealistic and unfair expectations that may not be within our or their control. Our daughter did not say I love you at the same time as her peers but we can tell you that we never take forgranted when she does say it or any of the other kind and funny things she says, and we are not sure that would have been the same in a different situation.  We both are stronger and more empathetic parents because of it!  Nora has worked so hard the last year, and we can only imagine what she will accomplish when she applies that drive to something that comes more naturally to her.  

We are fortunate to have a lot of great resources to help us like Apraxia Kids.  The funds for this walk go to Apraxia Kids to continue to strengthen the support systems in the lives of children with apraxia of speech by educating professionals and families; facilitating community engagement and outreach; and investing in the future through advocacy and research.

We would love for you to join our team and walk with Nora and all the other Apraxia Kids!!   For those participating in the walk we will be making Team Nora shirts.  

Sunday, September 19th at  10:00 am

Holmes Lake Park

70th & Normal St

Lincoln, NE

Unable to walk?  That’s ok!  You can still participate in helping our team meet our fundraising goal by making a donation now and helping all children like Nora have a voice! 


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