2021 Philadelphia Walk for Apraxia (Virtual)

CASTLE Space Camp 2021!
CASTLE Space Camp 2021!

Temple CASTLE Camp / SLAB Lab


Do you believe that “Every Child Deserves a Voice?”

We do… and we invite you to join our Temple CASTLE Camp / SLAB Lab team at the Walk for Apraxia.  By joining our team, you will walk beside us as we celebrate all the Apraxia Stars and support our efforts to raise funds for Apraxia Kids.  With these funds, Apraxia Kids will continue to strengthen the support systems in the lives of children with apraxia of speech by educating professionals and families; facilitating community engagement and outreach; and investing in the future through advocacy and research.

The Walk will be virtual this year, which means that you can participate from wherever you may be. Even though we can’t walk together this year, you can still participate by making a donation to our fundraising efforts. We are hoping for a large team again this year and we hope to raise lots of money for the good cause. This is especially important this year, because as you can imagine, non-profit organizations such as Apraxia Kids are hurting financially, and Apraxia Kids needs any support they can get at this time. So whatever you can spare will be appreciated :o)

Those of you who are “veterans” of our team know that every year we take our team out for pizza after the Walk. Unfortunately, like last year, this will not be possible or wise this year, so we will forgo that once again. This is very disappointing, because one of the best things about this annual event is the gathering around and chatting with our friends over some good food in a friendly setting. In order to support the cause, Gayle and I have decided to donate the money that we usually spend on pizza to Apraxia Kids instead this year. And then hopefully in 2022 we can all share pizza and company in person again!


Together we can accomplish amazing things for our Apraxia Stars. Let's do this!!!

-Edwin & Gayle



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