2021 Central New Jersey Walk for Apraxia

Noah's Ninja's

Do you believe, “Every Child Deserves a Voice?”

I do... Please join this cause and become one of Noah's Ninjas. This walk helps funding for kids with Apraxia. As a parent that didn't have much knowledge of Apraxia. I know first hand how much this organization has been my go to resource. They help these children by educating families as they did Noah's. Apraxia does not just target speech,  for Noah it comes along with processing, sensory and even his muscle tone.

Noah has been in therapy since he was three and a half months old. He has come so far and continues to never miss a beat. Some children with apraxia remain nonverbal, we are blessed to say, two and a half years ago he only had 13 words in his vocabulary and used sign language. Today he has become his own voice and will talk back with no hesitation...

He is the epitome of perseverance, and resilience.

Come join our team Noah's Ninja's so we can karate chop Apraxia's arse, spread awareness and help funding. Let us continue to be the voice of these children as they find theirs.


Together we can accomplish amazing things. --Jessica










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