2021 Southwest Wisconsin Walk for Apraxia

Marching For Matthew

This is the face of Apraxia,
But it’s not what defines him.

Matthew is kind, energetic, loving, funny, strong willed, happy, brave, sweet, smart, helpful, pug loving, train loving, and a caring young man. THESE are the words that define him.

Every day he works so hard to produce speech and put his thoughts together. Things that
come automatic to many people are a daily struggle for Matthew. He has made such great progress
with the help of family, friends, and school support. Hearing him now, you would never know
that he was nonverbal until he was 5.

Let’s speak up for children who can’t speak for themselves.

Every Child Deserves A Voice.

Please join our team or consider making a donation in support of Matthew and all other children and families who fight for children with Apraxia of speech.

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