2021 Westchester Walk for Apraxia



Hello friends/family as the NSSLHA chapter president at Mercy College I have started a fundraising team to Walk for Apraxia. The Walk for Apraxia is the largest fundraising and awareness event supporting children affected by childhood apraxia of speech across the US and Canada. The Walk celebrates the lives and hard work of our kids, our Apraxia Stars, who work so hard every day to overcome childhood apraxia of speech. Each Apraxia Star who registers for the Walk is recognized individually for their hard work. They also receive a medal to celebrate their achievements! At the Walk for Apraxia, we also come together to raise funds to support the programs that help our Stars shine. The Walk for Apraxia supports educational opportunities, referral services, awareness, financial aid, support for research, and much more. We are making our apraxia community tighter, stronger, and ready for the road ahead. Apraxia Kids also provides training and education of Speech Language Pathologists

Do you believe, “Every Child Deserves a Voice?”

We do… and we invite you to join our team at the Walk for Apraxia.  By joining our team, you will walk beside us as we celebrate all the Apraxia Stars and support our efforts to raise funds for Apraxia Kids.  With these funds, Apraxia Kids will continue to strengthen the support systems in the lives of children with apraxia of speech by educating professionals and families; facilitating community engagement and outreach; and investing in the future through advocacy and research.

Unable to walk?  That’s ok!  You can still participate in helping our team meet our fundraising goal by making a donation now.

Together we can accomplish amazing things for our Apraxia Stars.

-Alyssa Spampinato

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