2019 DC Walk for Apraxia

Huxley (age 4)
Huxley (age 4)

Huxley's Squad

Huxley was diagnosed with Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS) two years ago. Our journey with Apraxia has been challenging, but we are here to share our story and raise awareness one day at a time.

Prior to his diagnosis, Huxley spent a year receiving services from a speech therapist who did not know enough about CAS to help him. Months went by and Huxley was not making any progress. For the longest time, I did not know if my child understood me. I did not know if oral speech would ever be possible for Huxley. There is helplessness in this kind of silent isolation, and that is exactly where we found ourselves. I knew something was not right. No child should have to feel this way. Huxley was such a bright little boy who was trapped inside of his own mind. I trusted my gut and sought out a private speech therapy evaluation. I had never even heard about CAS until then. The stars aligned and Huxley was assigned a fantastic speech therapist named Erika who has specialized training in CAS. In just three weeks, Huxley had made more progress than I had seen in almost one year. Thanks to Erika, Huxley called me “mom” for the very first time. Huxley now receives intensive, specialized speech therapy 2 days a week. It has been nothing short of life changing for our family. We may spend more time in therapy clinics than we do with my friends and family, but because of Huxley's hard work he now has more words than I can keep track of.

We would love your support on Sunday, October 6th to celebrate Huxley and all of the children with apraxia who are working so hard to find their voice. Because CAS is so rare, this is one of the few times we don't feel so alone in our journey. It gives us hope. Apraxia Kids is the only organization dedicated to helping children and their families on their journey with apraxia. They raise money each year through these walks to fund amazing programs like iPads for children who need one to communicate, parent and speech therapist workshops, much needed research, and various financial aid programs to assist families in need with speech therapy costs. Thanks to the scholarships made available by Apraxia Kids, I was able to attend last year's National Conference!

We walk because the need for Apraxia awareness, education, research, treatment, and support is SO great. We walk because without increased advocacy and support the lack of availability and access to effective therapies and treatments will continue to leave our children in silent isolation. We walk because families with hope, resources, empowerment, and support will inevitably succeed, no matter how great the obstacles in the way. We walk because we believe every single child deserves whatever help necessary to find their voice.


Kortney and Huxley

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