2019 Detroit Walk for Apraxia

Team Will's Words

Welcome to our team fundraising page for the Walk for Apraxia

This is our Grandson William.  William is a very intelligent, loving and sweet child.  William has Childhood Apraxia of Speech, a neurologicial speech disorder.  William knows exactly what he wants to say but his words get stuck because his brain cannot tell his mouth how to move to speak.  William"s mouth needed to be taught how to form each sound in every word he wanted to say.   At age 2, Willliam had just a few sounds/noises that he used to talk to us. He was very sad that we could not understand what he was trying to  tell us.  William is now six.  He has exceeded our expectations and we are so very proud of him.  He is doing amazing, but still has quite a journey ahead of him. William also goes to a very special place, The Kaufman Center.  They have done a wonderful job in helping give Will his voice. Today he is a very happy little guy who works very hard for all his words. He fights for every one of them.  We are so proud of William and his parents, who also fought very hard for William.

We walk with Will, helping children find their voice! We need your help!  By joining us, you are a partner with the Childhood Apraxia of Speech Association in its efforts to provide support to children and families on their journey with apraxia. You can participate even if you are unable to be at the Walk by making a donation to support our efforts.

Check out how our team is progressing towards its goal and keep pushing to help us achieve it. Your donation goes to fund amazing programs like iPads for children who need it to communicate, parent and speech therapist workshops, research, and a program to assist families in need with speech therapy costs. 

Thank you again for your support in this very important cause.  

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