2019 Chicago Walk for Apraxia

Logan's Heroes

Welcome to our team, Logan's Heroes, fundraising page for the Walk for Apraxia!

As many of you know, not too long ago it was determined that Logan's lack of speech was Childhood Apraxia of Speech - in fact, we are coming up to 5 years here very soon!  Since then Logan has been working extremely hard in all of his therapies and continues to progress and we couldn't be more proud of him!  Seriously, this kid enjoys his time with all his "friends" and very rarely gets frustrated or puts up a fight.  He is determined to talk - not just us - and that makes so much of this "easy".  However, none of this is that easy unfortunately.  Multiple therapies a week, privately and through school, and realizing the limitations that CAS and his lack of motor planning have and how it affects his overall development has all been a learning process for us all.  It seems like everytime we overcome a hurdle there's another one to jump!    As with anything, we learn and move forward - making, what we think, are the best choices we can for our baby boy.

Turns out we aren't the only ones.  This is why we need your help so that we can help children, much like Logan, find their voice and be heard! By joining us, you are a partner with the Childhood Apraxia of Speech Association in its efforts to provide support to children and families on their journey with apraxia. You can participate in two ways:

1. Choose to join our team and walk with us on September 22, 2019.

2. Make a donation to our team.

Check out how our team is progressing towards its goal and keep pushing to help us achieve it. Your donation goes to fund amazing resources necessary for many of our kids to progress.  Thank you again for your support in this very important cause!


Eric, Maria, Logan and Brooklyn 


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