2019 Detroit Walk for Apraxia

Loving Like Lydia

Welcome to team Loving Like Lydia! You can Love Like Lydia by:

Smiling at everyone and making sure to wave and say hello to all, even if you are just passing someone by

Giving lots of great hugs

Never giving up, no matter how hard things might be

The sillier the better...there's nothing wrong with making someone laugh

Living boldly, brightly, and with a big heart

When life gives you challenges, embrace them, and just keep smiling.

This year Lydia continues to make progress. She's talking a lot, and now we are working on articulation and forming sentences so everyone can understand what she has to say.  

By joining us, you are a partner with Apraxia Kids in its efforts to provide support to children and families on their journey with apraxia. You can participate even if you are unable to be at the Walk by making a donation to support our efforts.

Thank you again for your support in this very important cause.  

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