2019 Jacksonville Walk for Apraxia

Driving at Disney
Driving at Disney

Charlie's Chargers

Dear family and friends,

Thank you for visiting Charlie's Chargers Apraxia Walk team page! We are excited to participate in such a great event again this year and we hope that you might be able to join us on November 17th.

Apraxia is a motor speech disorder. It causes affected kids to have trouble using the muscles in their mouths properly, meaning that they have trouble forming the sounds of the words they try to say. Because it is fundamentally a “motor planning” problem, some kids (like Charlie) have delayed gross and fine motor skills, too.

Charlie is a trooper!  He attends multiple Speech and Occupational therapy sessions each week.  Despite the quantity, he still thinks his sessions are fun!  He's accomplished so much this past year -- he jumped in the pool all by himself for the first time this summer, he caught his first fish independently over Labor Day weekend, and he started 1st Grade!!!  Whew!

We have made it where we are today only because of the help and encouragement from our family and our friends. We hope you can join us on November 17th as part of Charlie’s Chargers to celebrate all that Charlie and the rest of his Apraxia buddies have accomplished!

Chanley, Tommy, Charlie and Henry


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