2019 Louisville Walk for Apraxia


Scarlett's Super Squad

From early on, we knew Scarlett's speech was delayed. We weren't completely sure of the cause - even if we had theories - through a year of therapy with First Steps and until she was diagnosed with severe Childhood Apraxia of Speech (https://www.nidcd.nih.gov/health/apraxia-speech) at the age of three. Gaining full speech was no longer certain. Perhaps not even likely. 

We were lucky to catch it early, though credit goes to Sarah's diligence, training and compassion to notice the signs. Other's aren't so lucky. In a medical context, Apraxia is very recent in terms of known disorders having only been around 20 or so years. Because we did catch it early, and upped Scarlett's intensive therapy regimen to five times a week, she has made massive strides in her speech patterns. 

So we walk for Scarlett, her battle continues - but we are also asking you to help us help others. Given the recent status of the disorder, parents aren't sure which signs to look for, mis-diagnosis is possible, and when diagnosed, insurance will not cover the costs of the crucial therapy a child needs. 

Walk or donate or spread awareness to your friends and family and you can help a child find their voice. 


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