2019 Philadelphia Walk for Apraxia


Temple CASTLE Camp / SLAB Lab

Welcome to our CASTLE Camp / SLAB Lab Team page!

We are helping children with childhood apraxia of speech (CAS) find their voice, and we need your help! You can help us by joining our team and walking with us, or by making a donation, or by doing both. All proceeds go to Apraxia Kids to fund advocacy, education, clinical training, resources, and research that will benefit children with CAS and their families. Please help us reach, no exceed, our goal!

For new team members: WELCOME!!! You will be part of an awesome team that includes children with CAS and their families, speech-language pathologists, researchers, and students.

For returning team members: WELCOME BACK!!! You will notice that our team name has changed a bit from previous years. We have named our team this year after the CASTLE Camp, an intensive summer camp for children with CAS that is part of an NIH-funded randomized controlled trial study. The CASTLE Camp name comes from our CASTLE Center at Temple University, a regional resource center which includes both a research component and a specialty clinic for CAS directed by Sue Caspari. (CASTLE = Childhood Apraxia of Speech Treatment, Learning, and Evaluation*) In CASTLE Camp, we had 17 awesome children this year! (some of whom may be on our team...)

This will be the 5th year that our team has walked the Walk, and we are hoping for an even larger team this year. Those of you who have walked with us before know that we always take our team out for pizza at a local pizza place after the walk. We will continue this tradition this year, so bring your walking shoes and your appetite :o)

Thanks for all your support, and we look forward to seeing you at the Walk!


-Edwin & Gayle (honorary co-captain and spouse)


* Credit for this awesome names goes to Bo Demi, a former graduate student at Temple.

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