2019 DC Walk for Apraxia

Let's Blaze for Isaiah

Hi family and friends,

Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS), also known as Apraxia, is as new to me as it is to you!  What is Apraxia? It's a motor planning disorder in which a child knows exactly what they want to say, but does not have the ability to say it. Your brain tells your mouth to say something, but in Isaiah's brain, there's a disconnect between his brain and his mouth so the words come out different. Can you imagine how frustrating that is? I taught him how to express his wants and needs with sign language and his teacher has helped him as well. Isaiah was seeing a speech therapist since he was 2 years old. In March 2019, she told me she thought Isaiah had Apraxia and advised me to have a test done by someone she knew who specialized in treating Apraxia. I was hesitant. Finally, I made an appointment. After several tests, in May 2019, I found out that Isaiah has CAS. I had no idea what to do next. the speech therapist recommended that he receive therapy 3 times a week. I thought to myself, that is too much for a child and not to mention I have a full-time job.

Determined to find out more, I went to the Apraxia Conference in Pennsylvania. All I can say is "WOW". I found out so much from parents and speech therapists: The average child receives intense therapy for 5 hours a week; it never goes away completely; I need to fight for him to get free assistance; there is a light at the end of the tunnel, but it could take years to get to it. Well, this mama bear right here does not play when it comes to her child so it's time to step up and I want you to help me. Let's start by talking about Apraxia so that more people are aware of what it is. Statistics show that 1-2 out of 1,000 kids have Apraxia, most of them are males. I have a feeling that there are kids out there with parents who believe, "my child will talk when he gets ready". But, that's not the case with Apraxia. Your brain has to be taught how to send the correct messages to your mouth. This can only work with therapy from an EXPERT.

So join me in my efforts to provide support to children and families on their journey with Apraxia. You can participate even if you are unable to be at the Walk by making a donation. Your donation goes to programs and research that benefit children with CAS.

Thank you again for your support in this very important cause.

We love you,

Tiffany, Isaiah, and Gabriella

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