2019 North Texas Walk for Apraxia

Team Olivia & Emma

We are so excited to fundraise and participate in the Apraxia walk again this year! This is such an important event for our family. As you all know by now, both of our girls were diagnosed with global Apraxia several years ago, which is a rare and severe neurological motor planning disorder.

If you think about it, we motor plan everything that we do.. from eating and breathing to forming sentences in conversation to putting one foot in front of another. The girls have been in various therapies for most of their lives learning how to develop these essential skills. It has been a long journey to get to where they are today to say the least!

What I love about Apraxia Kids is their support for families just like mine. The money we raise together goes towards communicative devices for these kiddos, financial assistance for speech therapy services, specialized training for speech therapists, and family and community outreach. Without your help and donations, it wouldn’t be possible...

THANK YOU THANK YOU for your support!

Joshua, Hillary, Olivia & Emma

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