2019 Staten Island Walk for Apraxia

Team Peanut

Welcome to the "Team Peanut" fundraising page for The walk for Children with Apraxia of Speech! We are helping to raise awareness about Apraxia. Please join us for our Walk on September 21, 2019 at Clove Lakes Park, Staten Island.  

-Our daughter Chloe is an amazing 8 year old girl. Saying what she wants to say and having people understand her-- is a struggle every second of every day for Chloe. She is an extremely hard working and strong willed.. She has been in speech therapy since she was 10 months old-- and has sat through MANY therapy sessions in the past 8 years.. She has come SO far but still has SO far to go. Apraxia affects more then just Chloe's speech--it has an affect on toileting, eating, speech, walking and running, climbing, etc. Whenever her brain needs to send a signal to certain muscles to work--Apraxia comes into the picture. She struggles with motor planning and body awareness. We are raising awareness for children like Chloe, who struggle with this everyday and work so hard in therapies, at school and at home. 

ALL OF THE MONEY RAISED GOES TOWARDS CASANA--research, ipads for children with Apraxia to use for therapy and communication, also the many resources and support groups CASANA has for families. They have live webinars and seminars you can go to and there is such a large supportive group if you have any questions or anything! This is a wonderful organization and I am so glad we can raise money to help them, help our children.

**Thank You to all of Chloe's Therapists, teachers and Paras through the years that tried their hardest and with the most love and patience, We could never have got this far without every single one of you. You have all made an impact on our lives. THANK YOU FOR WHAT YOU DO!   

Please share our page and spread the news about the walk... hopefully we have an even bigger turnout then last year!!  See you all there :)


LOVE, The O'Connell Family

Shannon, Danny, Kayleigh, Chloe and Declan  (and Mr.White)

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