2019 Jacksonville Walk for Apraxia

Curly Bear


First all thank you for supporting our team. 
Hailey is our second child of three. She is beautiful inside and out. We noticed her speech delay when she was about 20 months old and we started speech therapy when she was 2 years and 4 months old. She started one therapy class per week since September 2016 and now she goes to therapy 4 times a week. We see her huge improvement since we increased the frequency of therapy. She is more confidence and more social compare with where she was last year. She works very hard with her speech. She is a very smart and sweet girl. Some days are good and positive and other days are not. But we do believe she will be a great talker one day. Thank you for supporting Hailey by Walk for Apraxia. It is a day to celebrate the kids who work so hard all year to find their voices.


Yoonhee, Craig, Heather, Hailey,& Leo

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