2020 Rhode Island Virtual Walk for Apraxia

Every Child Deserves A Voice

The Walk for Apraxia is the largest fundraising and awareness event supporting children affected by childhood apraxia of speech across the US and Canada. Join us this year as we come together in celebration with the Virtual Walk! Sign up today to receive your Walk t-shirts and a medal for your Apraxia Star. By supporting the Walk for Apraxia, you are supporting the programs that help our Stars shine.



Date: 09/26/2020
T-shirt deadline: 08/23/2020



Location: Rhode Island



Kimberly Bettencourt







Top Fundraisers


  1 -  $1,000 Milestone Kaitlin Brady ($1,150.00)
  2 -  $50 Milestone Jameson Coutu ($525.00)
  3 -  Ashlee Tyce ($40.00)
  4 -  Kimberly Bettencourt ($25.00)
  5 -  Charles Tyce ($20.00)
  6 -  Dawn Fox ($15.00)
  7 -  Doug Fox ($15.00)
  8 -  James Tyce ($10.00)
  9 -  Courtney Langello ($0.00)
  10 -  Joey Bettencourt ($0.00)
  11 -  Logan Brady ($0.00)
  12 -  Marissa Meisler ($0.00)
  13 -  Rebecca DeMarsh ($0.00)


  1 -  $1,000 Milestone Logan Brady's Bunch ($1,255.00)
  2 -  $500 Milestone Jameson's Rangers ($525.00)
  3 -  $100 Milestone Prestige Therapy ($100.00)
  4 -  Super Joey ($95.00)

Other Information

Due to CDC guidelines related to COVID-19 and social distancing, Apraxia Kids has made the decision that ALL 2020 Walk for Apraxia events will be Virtual Walks this year! The health and safety of our apraxia community is our top priority. While this year’s celebration may look a little different, our commitment to honoring Apraxia Stars across the country will never change! Participating in the Virtual Walk for Apraxia is as simple as it sounds. Sign up for the Walk to start your team, grow your team by inviting friends and family to join, fundraise, and join the movement! DON’T FORGET All registered participants will still receive the official 2020 Walk for Apraxia T-Shirt and all of our registered Apraxia Stars will receive their medal and 20th anniversary Apraxia Kids superhero cape. We may be walking from home, but we’re never walking alone. #VirtualWalkforApraxia

Registration fees:

Adult Registration: $20.00
Student Registration (Age 18 and up): $15.00
Child Registration (Under 18): $10.00
Child with Apraxia: FREE